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The Homebrew Website Club we organise is inspired by a series of similar events organised by others within the IndieWeb community around the world. Not everyone who comes to our events has a website or even knows how to get started making one. We welcome anyone to attend and help teach each other the values of managing your online identity, privacy protection and safer communication with others on the web.

Why the IndieWeb movement exists

People in the IndieWeb community firmly believe in owning their identity through having their own domain and maintaining that what they publish remains theirs with the full means to control how it's distributed, displayed and removed.

The World we live in today is dominated by what we, the IndieWeb community, often refer to as silos such as Facebook where we pour in much of our personal information and, almost exclusively, the only place we publish our deepest thoughts, photos and other media.

There's a strong momentum, certainly within the community, for people to be less reliant on such silos as Facebook to publish on the web. We like to re-engage more people to have their own website as well as, or instead of, profile pages exclusively on social media.

Within the IndieWeb community there are people generously giving up their time to help develop and support the technology that can make an ordinary personal website do all sorts of things you might think only social media platforms can offer.